Our Tech Expertise

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.Net Development

We, at DuckTale IT Services Pvt. Ltd., are a leading .NET Application Development Company that offers powerful and result-oriented solutions to add value to businesses.…

Android / iOS App

We, at DuckTale IT Services Pvt. Ltd. leverage the Hybrid Application Development for your enterprises in order to gain a wide range of customers and…

Angular JS

Angular JS, a JavaScript framework by Google, is utilized to develop browser-based applications and mobile applications with reduced development time.

Node JS

Node.js framework powers developing scalable, faster network applications quickly because of its lightweight and is based on an event-driven, non-blocking input/output model that makes it…

Graphics Designing

Our experienced mobile UI designers are experts in designing an interface which is easy and intuitive for the novice users. We have a complete understanding…

SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization is the core of digital marketing strategy as it goes a long way in enhancing the online presence of your business. It…

Quality Assurance

As enterprises look for nothing less than perfection in their software applications, they are rethinking the conventional quality assurance and testing services and methodologies. They…

Web Designing

We help you to engage with your potential audience because we are passionate to do so. Though it does not seem to be easy every…

PHP Development

Get effective PHP programs at DuckTale IT Services Pvt. Ltd.. We create full-featured web applications with the help of many framework and offer clients high-quality…

React JS

React JS is an open source JavaScript framework acclaimed for being high-performance, robust, and scalable. It is capable of rendering interactive UI designs for both,…

Introducing the team

Some word about our members

With keen coding minds, every team member has a desire to create something new.

Every organisation grows when team members share their creative ideas. Every successful firm relies on collaboration.

The absolute method for increasing multicultural skills is to build cognitive complexity," says one person.

we are committed to empowering modern businesses with the right technology that drives true innovation and sustained growth. We are a diverse team of talented individuals, who best work in unison to deliver cutting edge and value-oriented solutions to a global clientele. We have experts and constant learners who help you resolve complex problems. We tap our end-to-end capabilities to boost innovation, test out options, and scale for growth.

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Happy clients

“DuckTales team was a pleasure to work with. Right from the beginning, they were very thorough and attentive to all our requirements.
Client name- Digvijay
Tech stack- Flutter
Team members

We are fortunate to have such innovative folks working for us. They always put up their best effort in every endeavour. They are never defeated. We have dotnet, react, php, angular, node js, android, and ios developers on staff.

Number of new daily members


Average monthly transactions


The process

Steps of our process


Initial consulting with the client and quotation

First, we talk about the project's requirements and budget. What kind of website/mobile application does the client want, and what services do they wish to provide to their customers?

Project sketch and virtual project creations

We deliver project sketches and virtual project creations of website/mobile app wireframes and user stories for each page to show how the project works on the front end to our clients.

Final product creation and client requests updates

Final product creation and client requests updates= We send the actual project to the client at the end of the process so they may test the website/mobile app. If they have an issue, we will help them.