A new London-based artisanal flower delivery service, Cereus Nights offers unique, handpicked blooms to be made by the purchaser into transient living sculptures for the home and delivered nationwide.
Featuring an ever-evolving selection of flora sourced straight from the grower and curated by artist William Farr, Cereus Nights flowers arrive to be arranged into decorative elements in their own right. This eclectic mix of stems is yours to craft into a floral composition of your own making—you get a box of flowers as often as you like, and the rest is up to you.
Cereus Nights is a window into an intoxicating, nocturnal world where flowers are crafted into overtures for opulent living and entertaining. A delicate arrangement might sit silhouetted against a whitewashed wall, or serve as the overflowing backdrop to a decadent dinner party lit by shimmering candles. Cereus Nights allows you to take offbeat and unexpected blooms and make them your own: to bring them to life, then to enjoy their decaying as they wilt, too.

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