We are young, ambitious and trusted global technology service company. We are a group of technologies who are experts in their field and have real, correct, and in-depth knowledge of other web-related technologies.

DuckTale IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a young, ambitious and trusted global technology service company.

We are providing a wide range of Development and Marketing Services, Team includes Quality Analysts, Experienced programmers and creative Graphical Engineers. Capable of producing a full fledge software from scratch, with complete designs and documentation. Follow a proper protocol of development to ensure Quality product on time.

We are a group of .net professionals who are experts in their field and have real, correct, and in-depth knowledge of .net and other web-related technologies.

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DuckTale IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted Information Technology provider that offers quality technology solutions to enterprises, startup businesses across globe. During two decades in the industry, we have been delivering innovative technology services and solutions.

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With the Android and iPhone being the most widely-used devices, the demand for iOS/Android apps is the greatest. We are a leading mobile app company that specializes in creating feature-rich mobile app for diverse platforms and with diverse technologies.

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We deliver innovative solutions that accelerate digital transformation for organizations like enterprises, startup businesses across the globe. An industry presence of two decades, along with an impressive list of a global clientele speaks volumes about our capabilities and expertise.




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DuckTale IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is the powerhouse of top-notch IT services. Our team believes in empowering solutions through innovation and creativity. We are a leader in providing software development services to the clientele all over the world. Efficacy, high-quality, innovation, and timely delivery are the core competencies.
At DT, we believe in delivering the best within the timelines.

We are experts in Api development, database development using Dot Net technologies, and front end development.

We operate as a team, focusing on quality rather than quantity, on the finer points, and on comprehension before implementation. Our clients are our top concern, thus we focus on communication, openness, and providing honest service.

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