Your Right To Know

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about DuckTale IT Services Pvt Ltd.
If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please connect with us through Contact Us  page.

Are you hiring only experienced person or fresher?
Yes, we're looking for both new and experienced employees.
Which technology you used in projects?
For Backend we use Dot Net, PHP, Node Js. For Frontend we use Angular, React js.
For Mobile we use Kotlin & Swift. We have on board experienced team of UI/UX designers as well, who take care of appearance and intuitiveness of our developed projects
What are the Working hours of the company?
Our organisation works 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with Saturday and Sunday off.
Is graduation required?
In computer fields, a bachelor's degree is required.
How to apply for job opening?
Share your CV at and can connect on 7347230733. The HR will connect with you if profile get shortlists.
How you motivate your team to achieve the goals?
Goal setting should not be like New Year resolutions – once set and never looked at again.
We always encourage our team to achieve their goals using the following methods:
Visualization – Read through your goals again and visualize having achieved the outcome. Positive visualization will motivate team to implement their action plans.
Check it – Some like to strike it, others to star it, but once a step has been completed, put a checker on it. Each check symbolizes their progress towards the goal.
Revise – In case of any difficulties, be ready to revise your goals or action plan. Decide on some intermediary goals. Achieving these will build up the student’s confidence to proceed further.
Celebrate – Learning should be fun. Celebrate the attainment of a goal before starting afresh on the next one.
What is the recruitment process in the company?
Usually, the interview process at DuckTale IT Services Pvt Ltd involves the following three rounds:
HR Round
Technical Interview
Management Round
For Fresher candidates also, the interview rounds will normally remain the same. But in the case of some important roles, you may have to face Machine Round followed by an HR interview
How will my performance be measured?
"Performance Achievement is enabling the strengths and potential of our greatest asset—our people—to achieve greater performance for themselves, their teams and for clients."
Usually, the performance is measure into 3 categories:
1> Work Quality Metrics
2> Work Quantity Metrics
3> Work Efficiency Metrics